A Connection With No Conversation

Dear Person,

Its strange that you inspired me to write about you today. I don’t know your name, or what you do, or where you’re from. You come in everyday and sit in the cubicle right in front of me, blurred by a tall glass separator. I haven’t even seen your face or know what you look like. And its irrelevant. All I know is that your presence in that cubicle is the time I look forward to. Its comforting to hear your voice. You have a beautiful voice.

Sometimes you’re so busy working that I wish someone would come up and talk to you so I could listen to you. And other times, I wish I had the courage to come up and say hi. But I can’t. I’m so afraid to open up to a new person.

You seem worried today. I don’t know what your story is, but you came in today, not saying a word and took out lunch that you ate alone. And that, made me sad. Its none of my business and concern but I wish I could help you in some way.

So dear person, please know that whatever it is you’re going through, God is there to help you out. Know that there is someone who prays for your happiness. Someone who wants to hear the ring in your laughter.

Life is too short to be upset, so smile and cherish whatever you’ve been blessed with. And I hope you find a hundred reasons to keep smiling everyday..


Some People Just Click, But That’s Another Story

“Would You Love Me In The Morning?”

“Forever and ever, babe.”  – Click

While watching an Adam Sandler comedy, this dialogue stuck in my mind for a long, long time. How can anyone stop loving someone in a jiffy? But then I thought, the question Kate Beckinsale asked Adam Sandler is so simple and yet so complicated.

Every girl is insecure. And her biggest insecurity is: She isn’t good enough. Whether she is single or in a new relationship or been married 3 years with a kid, girls and women need to hear that they are doing a good job in their role as a partner, spouse, a friend, someone who the man cherishes and appreciates.


People married 20+ years find it hard to say simple things like “I’m glad you’re here to help me out”, “I can always count on you when I’ve had a rough day”

Sure, if you’re a man like my dad who loves my mom to pieces but isn’t the one to speak his heart out, your mom might end up feeling depressed. Communication is so important in relationships and small words and phrases can mean so much more than we anticipate.

This isn’t only for couples. You can compliment a sibling, call up your parents just to say you miss them. Speak more positive words about friends and how good the people in your life make you feel. Relationships are very delicate, you have to nurture them to strengthen and test the bonds against time.

Remember to spread love wherever you go, it conquers every other emotion.

Memories In A Wallet

There comes a time in the life of every person, when he/she gets his/her broken heart.

“Why did it happen to me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

“What could I have done to make it right?”

“Was it even my fault?”

“I blame the other person for this!”

“They didn’t treat me right”

“He deserves to rot in hell for making me feel this way!”

“All I did was to love her and she left, no explanations. She just left!”

‘I’m destroyed. Thanks to her”

No; it wasn’t anyone’s fault. No, you should not blame yourself. No you shouldn’t blame anyone else for your pain. Some relationships work out, some don’t. If two people want to be together, they would do everything in their power to stay that way. To work out problems.

But if one of the two doesn’t want to be in the team, they’ll find excuses, they’ll find reasons to move away. It leaves the person who is very much in love with you torn and distraught. You can’t explain why you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. But you know in your heart that you are over that person and you are moving on. You don’t know how to say it, sometimes you don’t say it. You hate yourself for being the reason for breaking someone’s heart and live with it for the rest of your life. But it doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten the good times, the happy memories.

Old notes, poetry, pickup lines scrawled on bits of paper.

A receipt from the store, the day you went shopping together

An old cupcake liner which held the lemon tart you shared.

Memories you can’t seem to throw away because they made you feel special, they made you feel wanted. The love and the care that went in to making those memories come to life are still worth something. Don’t let your broken heart get in the way of cherishing old happy memories.

People come and go, but memories stay on forever.


That One Moment Witnessed At A Wedding

Weddings in Pakistan, are different from the rest of the world. For one, ours are a colorful affair, with the bride being in her grandest outfit, usually a shade of red which symbolizes love, hands full of intricate designs of henna and beautiful jewelry to match.


The wedding day itself is a bitter-sweet moment for the father of the bride; he still can’t believe his daughter is now a grown woman ready to leave the nest and start her own life with another man. It is a day of relief and joy for her mother, who has prayed for her to have the best spouse and enjoy a happy married life, ready to give words of advice as and when needed.

The holy sermon (Nikah) has already taken place. They are united by holy matrimony. Uneasiness, excitement and anticipation for the future…The newlyweds seem nervous but beam with happiness. For all the friends and siblings, it’s a moment to enjoy, dance and take lots of pictures!


I cried….Why? Because when the Groom agreed to accept the bride as his, he changed both their lives. Nikah is the Muslim way of marriage, in which the bride and groom are asked to say “Mujhe Qabool Hai” -I accept this (marriage) thrice.

3 words. It was almost like magic.

He’s thinking in his heart, “I’ll love her more than she ever hoped for or expected, I’ll care for her every need, I’ll be her support when she’s at her worst, I’ll help, I’ll scold, I’ll be anything she wants me to be.”


She, in return, wants to be his best friend, his soulmate, caregiver, homemaker, chef, a pillar of strength and a partner in all that he dreams of achieving. She’ll push him to do more and to give more and to be the man that she knows that he is.


He held her hand and helped her up on the stage…It was one of the moments that they’ll both remember for the rest of their lives. The warmth of the feeling and the smiles exchanged, they silently thank their lucky stars that this moment is theirs forever and they alone would keep it eternally.

I often think back on that day and can’t forget the look in their eyes. Marriage truly is a beautiful thing.

NOTE: A Shout Out to K Bridals (facebook.com/kbridalsreal) for being Pakistan’s best wedding photographers in my opinion. If I get married I want you guys to capture my best event moments InshaAllah 🙂 All photos with the K Bridals logo are owned by K Bridals.

What is Love?

Love is far from what they show us in the movies. It is joy and happiness, in the achievements of someone special. it is not the words of adoration a person says but the silence that communicates everything between two special people. Is it the moment in between moments; love is not a special occasion, and needs to be celebrated more often, every day; in the few special moments between two people. Special moments like driving to the market for groceries. Picking out lychees from a roadside vendor and eating them together and rejoicing in the fact that the two people had enough spare change to buy almost half a kilo of the yummy fruit.


Love is blind and is found in the most unexpected of places. but sometimes, love begins to blossom among people who have spent years revelling in each other’s friendship…Love is the most beautiful thing, to be there for someone at their time of need. To buy them lunch when you don’t even have money to pay the bus fare to reach home. Love is secrecy and love is openness. Love gives you hope when there are clouds of doubt and shadows of fears everywhere. Love is being the wake up call, the long distance hug, love is being there even when logic tells you there are a million miles in between.


Love is caring when you only have to offer empty words but knowing that the intentions behind it are heartfelt and sincere. Love is feeling the other person’s pain like your own. Love is knowing you cannot be together but still praying for miracles each day. Love is the last dream of the night and the first waking thought.



Love is crying in front of that one person, who helps you get over problems, love is letting someone have a smoke even though you dont like it. Love is not moving on and staying until problems are solved. Love is calling back even though your call was ended abruptly by the other person. Love is letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.


Love is being lost in your own world of contentment, love is losing yourself in another person and still finding the way to be better. Love is the REASON for getting lost! Because love tends to overpower every other feeling. Love is unconditional. Love is made, carefully with time, experiences and nurturing. Love is never perfect. But it becomes perfect with the right person. Love is sending messages and reading old notes and diaries. Love is looking at pictures and missing all the good times.


Love is sitting together holding hands tight, love is letting go but still holding on with the mind. Love is pure, intense and deep that fulfills emotional needs. Love is accepting apologies and also accepting mistakes you didn’t make. Love is learning to live with differences and learning to live, and to be thankful for everyday.


Love is not sleeping even though you want to. Love is believing in happiness and stability even though it may take you on two separate ways. Love is pretending to be with the person of your dreams. Love is imagining things, scenarios that would never take place in real life.


Love is assurance, love is respect. Love is what gets you through the day. Love is not gotten but increases when given. Love cannot be stopped, it just happens.


iOS 7: What to expect?

Since the past few decades, people look up to Apple Inc. for inspiration and innovation. This is not just because of the legacy left behind by Steve Jobs to provide tech lovers and smartphone enthusiasts with breakthrough products and services but living up to their own previous line of smartphones and gadgets is an uphill task.

Raising the bar and standards for today’s technology, the launch of Apple’s new range of iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C came as a serious disappointment. The technology loving community and Apple Inc. loyalists felt they had been seriously let down due to no surprises or innovative factor in the new smartphones. As compared to the iPhone 5, the new iPhones are extremely pricy, and void of famous apps like SIRI and have nothing new to offer except for a new vibrant colorful palette of exterior handset models. The disappointment of Apple’s products did not go in vain for competitors Google who feared that the new range would be a tough challenge for the Nexus and Moto X. Google breathed a sigh of relief, but maybe too soon.




In the same week, Apple in urgency to reclaim some their lost influence in the smartphone arena, announced the launch of iOS7 that will power up all previous range of iPhones up till iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and other gadgets including the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation.

iOS7 aims to create a crisp UI in an effort for a flatter interface that focuses more on content rather than graphics. The tiles and overall layout is transparent, giving the iOS7 an opaque touch. Because of this, the overall processing time will lessen and give way to smoother navigation, faster swipe sensor technology and easier browsing. In the wake of the launch, iPhone app developers have also tried to mimic lesser concern over graphics and greater usability by creating apps with parallel browsing options, denoted by bullet points across the horizontal upper search panel on the display.

Only time will tell what is to be the outcome of the new OS: Another touchdown for Apple Inc. or an unforgettable PR mistake.