Life without Love is like a Tree without Blossom – Khalil Gibran

Assalam o alaekum (peace be on you)!

Thank You for taking out the time to read this About Me section. I’m Fatima, an aspiring writer from Pakistan. And one day, I hope I can help people see the good side of my homeland through my blog and to prove that even though the world may be against you, you simply must not give up on trying to make a difference. I am a social media marketing executive in an IT company in the heart of Karachi, where all the action takes place. There is a lot of hidden beauty in this city and its people, I hope I can write about them too someday.

I write because I can more easily type out things than voice them out loud. I love writing about love, being a hopeless romantic at heart and appreciating the finer things in life. My biggest inspiration is my maternal aunt, I shall write a blog about her so you’ll know why she is so great. Food is another huge part of my existence. I live to eat and if I had to match my personality to any comic / cartoon character, it would undoubtedly be Garfield the Cat.

Maybe you’ll read a blog here about cats too..

Happy Blogging!



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