Don’t be fooled by “THE CATERERS” – A review

Two weeks ago, my sister got married. We had signed up a caterer by the name of “The Caterers”. The person we were dealing with, Adnan Saeed Zai (MD) assured us that he would take care of all the decorations, the food and everything at the venue.

What we were shown in the pictures while deciding the venue arrangements was this: (please copy paste into separate URL to see)

We made certain changes according to preferences and finalized the settings.

About the food, I requested a sampling of the menu first, which they promptly complied with the same night. (Very efficient right? And the food was absolutely delicious)

So it was decided. Our total budget came to 5 lacs, 40 thousand rupees to accomodate 600 people.

Which included:
Reception drinks – lemonade
appetizers – fried wontons
LED lights over each alternate side panel
lamps near the entrance
complete carpeting over the lawn (this was a must because the wedding was at Maritime Lawn, which is very uneven)
stage flower arrangement
flower centerpieces for each table
a marquee covering the entire premise
a proper entrance to hide the unwanted view of mounds of sand and construction on the sides
a decent menu with ice cream for desert

2 days before the wedding we went and confirmed and made the final complete payment (yes, my abbu is that shareef and trusting). The manager suggested that since the weather was so humid we should get fans, fancy mist throwing ones cost Rs.1000 each and regular plastic fans cost Rs.200 each.

1 day before the wedding, it rained like anything. We decided to remove the marquee because it would weigh down if it rained again. The manager said he’ll refund the money for marquee. Our expected guest list exceeded 600 and we got arrangements re-done for 700. He asked about the fans again and we decided to get 20 fans for 10,000 more.

Total Budget: 6 lacs

At 6:30, the lawn was still barren.
Side panels weren’t even up.
Our event had to start at 8:30pm.
There was one line of DIRTY carpets running in the center. Carpets were overlapping each other, the ends of which were completely torn and ripped and looked like they had been used in a war zone.
The only lights in the entire area were little hanging lights, LEDS were missing, the fans were metallic and most of their covers were broken and TIED WITH THIN ROPE.
We got the fans removed – for which we were promised refund by the manager’s assistant at the venue,
Flower arrangement was not what we asked for but improvised when I requested the florist then and there
The manager was nowhere to be seen.

Welcome drinks – lemonade turned out to be water and suger, with nothing that could be called lemony.

Appetizers – wontons were served to 50 people or less. out of which the groom and his father didn’t get any.

Once dinner was served, the food turned out to be excellent as promised (generally the only thing that matters to guests, so Alhumdulillah for that!)

But the attitude of the waiters was extremely disappointing. An uncle overheard one waiter telling another that he had stowed the cold drinks and replaced with the “halki wali crates” after the first round

Mom was accompanying dad’s boss’s wife to the buffet table where the live tandoor was. The waiter told them there wasn’t any left and to get naan from across the lawn. Mom asked him to get it for them to which he refused and said “ap khud jaake lelein”

Oh, and the waiters stole 2 big cartons of ice cream when they were packing remainder of the food.

We went to The Caterers the next morning with the empty deghs from the previous night.
My mother and aunt Fauzia Mohammod told him every single detail as mentioned above. we ranted for almost an hour.

He did not move a muscle. Or even LOOK apologetic. At the end, his response: “jee ap 50 logon ki dawat karlein, khana humari taraf se”

That’s it. That’s all he had to say for the bad experience and service we got. Mom asked him for a refund (For the marquee and fans that were removed) – NOT GRANTED. :”Humari policy nahin hai”

Mom started to cry out of anger and we got up and left without returning the deghs. I have never seen such a stone hearted person who could be so deceitful and pompous. May Allah protect us from such people.

Adnan Saeed Zai
I may forgive you for all the bad experiences that day, but I won’t forgive you for cheating my dad for his money and exploiting him for his sharafat and upsetting my mother to the extent that she cried and cursed your business and prayed that it shut down. I pray you learn a lesson and stop fooling people for their money.


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