Have You Thanked God for this Life?

Be Grateful:

  1. If you have a roof over your head, and shelter from the heat, cold, rain.
  2. If you have loved ones around you
  3. If you have two or more square meals a day
  4. If you have had an education
  5. If you can read, write and speak
  6. If you are not physically handicapped
  7. If you have money in the bank and spare change in your pocket
  8. If you have more clothes and shoes than needed
  9. If your country is not at war
  10. If you are not fearful of being attacked, shot at or raped
  11. If you are safe from diseases and have good health
  12. If you have friends
  13. If you have ever fallen in love and know what it feels like to be special
  14. If you have clean drinking water
  15. If you have a job
  16. If you earn, even a little
  17. If you have been brought up in a loving home by parents who are devoted to each other
  18. If you have understanding with your spouse, and even when you argue, it is settled with love
  19. If you have children
  20. If you don’t have to worry about whether you will receive your next paycheck
  21. If you have good neighbors
  22. If you have people who miss you when you are not around
  23. If your job empowers you and have colleagues who encourage you to do your best
  24. If you see others who are struggling, and try to help or lend them kind words
  25. If you are alive and breathing at this moment.

If you relate to even 10 of these reasons to be grateful, it is time you stopped worrying or feeling low about not having a perfect life. You are in a better place than most of the people around the world.



So all you need to do is thank God for this life and say “I’m blessed!”



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