A State To Hate

One of those days when everything seems to be too much.

Its like somebody has torn you open and left you to bleed until you are feeling-less and numb. Its a fuzzy nothingness yet painful and an undesirable state of existence. Who would want to be with someone like that? And yet, it is this very person who needs somebody to understand, to look through the “I’m fine” and “nothing happened” Someone to hold on to and cry, someone to just sit and listen and push through all the layers and make you realize “I’m here.”

Life is good to everyone, tough for some. Sometimes all a person facing a rough days needs, is to be ensured that nothing good or bad, stays forever. And that there is light at the end of every tunnel.


Happy 5th Birthday, Dear Niece

Dear child, you are still too young to read and understand these words and the feelings behind them. But maybe one day you will know what it feels like to have a niece as sweet and special as you. And in your honor, I write these few lines.

You are special cos you are the first child

You are special cos you taught your siblings about sharing

You are special cos you are an artist in the making

You are special for being a source of Rehmat (blessings) for your home

And you are special cos a niece always is.


Fama khala

Just Another Poem

An acquaintance asked me to write a poem for someone very special and close to his heart. This is what I came up with:
You make me smile when I have no hope

You make me laugh when I hate the world

You make me see good in everything

And you complete me just by being in my life


You bring me up with your strength

When I am down on my knees

When I am scared to take a chance

You push me to do my best


You help, you understand

Yes we fight every now and then

But it goes to show

we’re still very much in love


You’re my best friend and my soulmate

We make a great team

I’d be nothing without you

to brighten up my days


So hurry up and wish for something

Because I’ll make it come true

Even if I have to go

To the ends of the earth


I’ll do anything and be anything

As long as I have you by my side

Today and forever,

Many happy returns 🙂