To My Dadi

She is one strong woman; raised 8 amazing children, buried 4 while they were still young, saw 2 wars, gave birth to her 2nd child in a refugee camp. She sent away 5 of her kids to the US for a better future, taught herself to speak English to close the communication gap between her and her Mexican daughter-in-law, volunteered in Red Cross Hospital in Oklahoma, today she is living in Karachi, surrounded by people who love her and admire her humbleness and courageous yet graceful stance in this world. Dadi, you are my symbol of strength. I can never put into words what your presence means to us. But I still tried


Not everyone is so lucky to have living grandparents

But I’m the luckiest to have a grandmother like you!

You are God’s gift, a beautiful soul of wisdom and experience


A soft-spoken person who spreads love and warmth

A teacher who teaches without lecturing or scorn


A support for your children and an inspiration for mothers

The pillar of our family, and courage for us brothers and sisters


When we are sad or worried, you bring us to our feet

You pray for our health, success, future & to do good deeds


I cannot explain in words what your presence means to us

You listen to all our problems without any fuss


Your love and prayers are the life of this household,

Without you, this home would be empty, dull and only a house


Thank you for all the selfless love, care, prayers all these years

You make all the problems and worries disappear.


Open your heart

When I was young, I’d look at my parents and think:

I’m going to have a happy marriage like theirs someday, Insha Allah (God willing)


What I didn’t know was, that I would meet people along the way who would make me, break me, put me together, leave me hanging, even some who I would hurt back, and made me realise that in the end, when no one is around, I have to live with myself, with every single mistake and experience. Contentedly. And I didn’t know how.


Happiness is a state of mind. Living with grudges and regrets is the worst thing a person can do. It bogs you down like a huge anchor, dragging you into an ocean of misery. Nobody wants to be with a person who is always pessimistic, sad or who shares depressing stories.


Don’t underestimate your needs. Live for others but don’t forget to live for yourself. Do things that make you happy. In the end, be the kind of person who you’d want to meet. Let fate do the rest.