A Connection With No Conversation

Dear Person,

Its strange that you inspired me to write about you today. I don’t know your name, or what you do, or where you’re from. You come in everyday and sit in the cubicle right in front of me, blurred by a tall glass separator. I haven’t even seen your face or know what you look like. And its irrelevant. All I know is that your presence in that cubicle is the time I look forward to. Its comforting to hear your voice. You have a beautiful voice.

Sometimes you’re so busy working that I wish someone would come up and talk to you so I could listen to you. And other times, I wish I had the courage to come up and say hi. But I can’t. I’m so afraid to open up to a new person.

You seem worried today. I don’t know what your story is, but you came in today, not saying a word and took out lunch that you ate alone. And that, made me sad. Its none of my business and concern but I wish I could help you in some way.

So dear person, please know that whatever it is you’re going through, God is there to help you out. Know that there is someone who prays for your happiness. Someone who wants to hear the ring in your laughter.

Life is too short to be upset, so smile and cherish whatever you’ve been blessed with. And I hope you find a hundred reasons to keep smiling everyday..


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