Some People Just Click, But That’s Another Story

“Would You Love Me In The Morning?”

“Forever and ever, babe.”  – Click

While watching an Adam Sandler comedy, this dialogue stuck in my mind for a long, long time. How can anyone stop loving someone in a jiffy? But then I thought, the question Kate Beckinsale asked Adam Sandler is so simple and yet so complicated.

Every girl is insecure. And her biggest insecurity is: She isn’t good enough. Whether she is single or in a new relationship or been married 3 years with a kid, girls and women need to hear that they are doing a good job in their role as a partner, spouse, a friend, someone who the man cherishes and appreciates.


People married 20+ years find it hard to say simple things like “I’m glad you’re here to help me out”, “I can always count on you when I’ve had a rough day”

Sure, if you’re a man like my dad who loves my mom to pieces but isn’t the one to speak his heart out, your mom might end up feeling depressed. Communication is so important in relationships and small words and phrases can mean so much more than we anticipate.

This isn’t only for couples. You can compliment a sibling, call up your parents just to say you miss them. Speak more positive words about friends and how good the people in your life make you feel. Relationships are very delicate, you have to nurture them to strengthen and test the bonds against time.

Remember to spread love wherever you go, it conquers every other emotion.

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