That One Moment Witnessed At A Wedding

Weddings in Pakistan, are different from the rest of the world. For one, ours are a colorful affair, with the bride being in her grandest outfit, usually a shade of red which symbolizes love, hands full of intricate designs of henna and beautiful jewelry to match.


The wedding day itself is a bitter-sweet moment for the father of the bride; he still can’t believe his daughter is now a grown woman ready to leave the nest and start her own life with another man. It is a day of relief and joy for her mother, who has prayed for her to have the best spouse and enjoy a happy married life, ready to give words of advice as and when needed.

The holy sermon (Nikah) has already taken place. They are united by holy matrimony. Uneasiness, excitement and anticipation for the future…The newlyweds seem nervous but beam with happiness. For all the friends and siblings, it’s a moment to enjoy, dance and take lots of pictures!


I cried….Why? Because when the Groom agreed to accept the bride as his, he changed both their lives. Nikah is the Muslim way of marriage, in which the bride and groom are asked to say “Mujhe Qabool Hai” -I accept this (marriage) thrice.

3 words. It was almost like magic.

He’s thinking in his heart, “I’ll love her more than she ever hoped for or expected, I’ll care for her every need, I’ll be her support when she’s at her worst, I’ll help, I’ll scold, I’ll be anything she wants me to be.”


She, in return, wants to be his best friend, his soulmate, caregiver, homemaker, chef, a pillar of strength and a partner in all that he dreams of achieving. She’ll push him to do more and to give more and to be the man that she knows that he is.


He held her hand and helped her up on the stage…It was one of the moments that they’ll both remember for the rest of their lives. The warmth of the feeling and the smiles exchanged, they silently thank their lucky stars that this moment is theirs forever and they alone would keep it eternally.

I often think back on that day and can’t forget the look in their eyes. Marriage truly is a beautiful thing.

NOTE: A Shout Out to K Bridals ( for being Pakistan’s best wedding photographers in my opinion. If I get married I want you guys to capture my best event moments InshaAllah 🙂 All photos with the K Bridals logo are owned by K Bridals.


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