What is Love?

Love is far from what they show us in the movies. It is joy and happiness, in the achievements of someone special. it is not the words of adoration a person says but the silence that communicates everything between two special people. Is it the moment in between moments; love is not a special occasion, and needs to be celebrated more often, every day; in the few special moments between two people. Special moments like driving to the market for groceries. Picking out lychees from a roadside vendor and eating them together and rejoicing in the fact that the two people had enough spare change to buy almost half a kilo of the yummy fruit.


Love is blind and is found in the most unexpected of places. but sometimes, love begins to blossom among people who have spent years revelling in each other’s friendship…Love is the most beautiful thing, to be there for someone at their time of need. To buy them lunch when you don’t even have money to pay the bus fare to reach home. Love is secrecy and love is openness. Love gives you hope when there are clouds of doubt and shadows of fears everywhere. Love is being the wake up call, the long distance hug, love is being there even when logic tells you there are a million miles in between.


Love is caring when you only have to offer empty words but knowing that the intentions behind it are heartfelt and sincere. Love is feeling the other person’s pain like your own. Love is knowing you cannot be together but still praying for miracles each day. Love is the last dream of the night and the first waking thought.



Love is crying in front of that one person, who helps you get over problems, love is letting someone have a smoke even though you dont like it. Love is not moving on and staying until problems are solved. Love is calling back even though your call was ended abruptly by the other person. Love is letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.


Love is being lost in your own world of contentment, love is losing yourself in another person and still finding the way to be better. Love is the REASON for getting lost! Because love tends to overpower every other feeling. Love is unconditional. Love is made, carefully with time, experiences and nurturing. Love is never perfect. But it becomes perfect with the right person. Love is sending messages and reading old notes and diaries. Love is looking at pictures and missing all the good times.


Love is sitting together holding hands tight, love is letting go but still holding on with the mind. Love is pure, intense and deep that fulfills emotional needs. Love is accepting apologies and also accepting mistakes you didn’t make. Love is learning to live with differences and learning to live, and to be thankful for everyday.


Love is not sleeping even though you want to. Love is believing in happiness and stability even though it may take you on two separate ways. Love is pretending to be with the person of your dreams. Love is imagining things, scenarios that would never take place in real life.


Love is assurance, love is respect. Love is what gets you through the day. Love is not gotten but increases when given. Love cannot be stopped, it just happens.



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